Sayreville resident advises others to check energy bills

My September electric bill from JCP&L included a charge from Constellation NewEnergy at the rate of 0.176854 Kwh. The rate listed on the same bill for JCP&L generation service is 0.08052533 Kwh.
When I called for an explanation of the much higher rate, I found that Sayreville had made a deal with Constellation NewEnergy in 2014, which switched all homes to the new company away from JCP&L, and I had not chosen to opt out back then.
After I opted out after receiving the September bill, I received a new postcard informing me that Sayreville had extended the deal with Constellation NewEnergy at the new rate of 0.871419, as of Sept. 1. This is still higher than the JCP&L rate, and residents need to opt out or get charged at the higher rate.
To make the costs easier to understand, I compared rates based on 12,000 Kwh per year usage:
$2,122 Constellation at my billed rate for September.
$1,049 Constellation at rate promised until September 2020.
$966 JCP&L rate on my September bill.
I understand that Monroe also has a deal with Constellation. I urge everyone to check their electric bills to avoid being overcharged.
Stas Wnukowski