Republicans to challenge incumbent Democrats for two seats on North Brunswick council


NORTH BRUNSWICK – Republican candidates George Callan and Sue Hucko will once again challenge the Democratic incumbents for two seats on the North Brunswick Township Council: this year, against Ralph Andrews and Amanda Guadagnino.

Ralph Andrews

Resident: For 40 years

Occupation: General manager for Patriot Energy Inc.

Certifications/licenses: USSF “D” licensed soccer coach, North Brunswick CERT member, N.J. Boater’s License/Safety Certificate, Notary Public

Community service: CERT; Jersey Knights Soccer Club board member, league contact and game day field assignor; member of the FBI Newark Division Citizens Academy Alumni Association; former Executive Board member of the North Brunswick Basketball Association


Public service: Incumbent councilman for 15 years; Planning Board chairman for six years; Council’s Planning Board liaison for 12 years; Open Space Committee member

“Property taxes are the No. 1 issue on the minds of all New Jersey residents. Locally we need to find ways to still deliver the services our residents are used to and deserve. Our mayor and council have kept our increase as low as possible while still providing services most towns have stopped providing. We need to do more. We need to look for inventive ways to cut costs. I would like to see as one initiative a study to see the feasibility of replacing our current exterior street and building lighting with solar powered lights. All interior lighting should be replaced with LED lighting. For small vehicles in our fleet we need to look to add electric vehicles with charging stations at our municipal buildings. We should do a study to see the cost efficiency of providing municipal internet service and township-wide Wi-Fi.

“This mayor and this council need to respectfully connect at the county and state level to finally bring a train station to the MainStreetNB site. They have told us they have set aside funding for this site and we now need a date certain that construction will begin. We no longer should accept ‘We are working on it’ as acceptable.

“Our town is diverse and we need to stand together. I want everyone to know that I represent all of our residents. Every resident is important to me. The message I always try to deliver is we have great township employees but we can’t help you if we don’t know you have a problem. If you need help with anything please reach to us.”


 Amanda Guadagnino

Resident: For 43 years

Community service: PTO treasurer (past president) for eight years; former Board of Education member; former board member at Brookside Swim Club; part of the newly formed North Brunswick Township Hall of Fame Committee.

Public service: Board of Education 2015 and 2016; Township Council 2017 to the present; current council president for 2019

“I am a huge advocate for our school district. We have an award-winning superintendent, who has a great relationship with the mayor and town council. The school district provides the best education for our children and it will be an exciting year with a new middle school opening in September 2020.

“We are lucky to be approaching a census year and I feel this is an incredibly important responsibility as a citizen and for our town to provide accurate information with total participation so North Brunswick gets the funding and recognition we deserve.

“The entire council and our mayor are working diligently on our Main Street train station.  This is a top priority in North Brunswick and we are doing everything we can to expedite the process.”


Callan could not be reached for additional comment.
According to information provided to the Sentinel in May, he is a lifetime resident of North Brunswick with the exception of a few years living in East Brunswick, New York City, Southern California and Franklin Township because of school or business opportunities.
“I hope to engage taxpayers to ask their elected representatives to reduce the costs of our municipal government. We have been asked to accept an ongoing increase in taxes every year. Why can’t responsible government consider an effective plan to reduce taxes for the next 20 years? The disengaged taxpayer needs to ask for better management from their elected representatives to plan for an affordable life in North Brunswick. We need a plan that takes a look at what people earn and what they can afford to pay for a municipal government. Real facts need to be considered. When benefits and costs are considered, I think most taxpayers will look for a cost reduction,” Callan said at the time. “The goal remains clear: offer choices to those paying for North Brunswick service. We will try to keep everyone satisfied, but we really need a break.”
Hucko could not be reached for additional comment.
According to information provided to the Sentinel in May, Hucko moved to North Brunswick at age two and attended North Brunswick schools.
On a local level, she said she is interested in helping attract more jobs, and better paying ones to the area. She would also like to hold monthly job fairs in the town and county.
She also wants to decrease property taxes, especially for seniors.
“An issue of importance that I especially want to work on locally in our town and also our county is expanding services for the disabled in terms of having access to more jobs, better and more reliable transportation services, and putting benches in more areas for especially those who are struggling with walking disabilities.
“I am interested in working with organizations towards increasing literacy programs on a local level as well as a national level. I want to reach a greater number of people on a even larger stage. I am a tireless literacy advocate and long time volunteer with several nonprofit organizations in New York City. I believe we can mirror some of those successful programs in our county. I especially believe we need to roll out more English Second Language programs for adults and by doing so, help new residents be more productive and engaged in society,” she said at the time.
Hucko said she would also like to help homeless children with their school work, offering special programs and field trips while they are in the shelter system, and increase the arts. She was a longtime volunteer with The Children’s Aid Society and a team leader for New York Cares.
“I believe as Americans we are exceptional and we can lead in all industries and fields with the newest technology and by investing in innovation. I want to be part of making North Brunswick absolutely dazzle and I believe we can work together as Republicans and Democrats – as Americans – to achieve this,” she said at the time.
Election Day is Nov. 5.