Will they fix ‘Dancing with the Stars’ voting?


Question: Dancing with the Stars excludes the West Coast from voting. Why should I watch a show that totally dismisses us viewers? As for the new set, the focus should be on the dancers, not a bunch of glitz. —Ricki, Oregon

Matt Roush: But where would Dancing with the Stars be without glitz? That said, you have a legitimate complaint. It does seem counter-intuitive for a competition show based on audience participation to exclude such a large portion of the American public. Although reading the fine print in ABC’s press releases, live voting on Mondays is available to fans in all time zones during the 8-10 pm/ET hours (via abc.com, the ABC app and SMS/text). So theoretically, you could vote for a favorite team — from the week before, not the live show, obviously — during those hours (5-7 pm PT), although your vote won’t be responding to what’s happening live, unless you’re watching from a satellite. Dancing also promises to announce a “big format change in voting” so we’ll see what that’s all about.

Question: I streamed Yellowstone season 1. Now I have to pay Paramount? —Marci

Matt Roush: Last I looked, both seasons were available for replay on Paramount Network’s website. You do have to register, though.

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