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Vote Line A to provide ‘balance’ on Sayreville council

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I am writing in support of Mr. Art Rittenhouse, a candidate for mayor of Sayreville, along with Donna Roberts and Christian Hibinski for councilwoman and councilman, respectively. For too long there has not been a balance in Sayreville Borough Hall as to the political climate presently holding all the cards, so to speak, for their favoritism to special interest groups who seem to be pulling all the strings. The present council people are controlled by a faction who clearly has no interest for the better interests of the taxpayers of Sayreville, the families and the children.

They continually ignore the serious concerns of the people, even with all who have spoken openly at Borough Council public meetings presenting citizen concerns with some serious negative issues with development of a 1.8 million-square-foot industrial complex right across the street from the Main Street townhome community. Aside from their pushing for a bypass road directly in the backyards of the same community and Sheffield Mews exiting onto Kimball Drive East and West onto Main Street proper, again running right in back of residents’ yards. The danger this road will present to all residents is of tantamount concern and is being ignored as the present Borough Council officials are pushing for only a Phase I opening as opposed to Phase II and Phase III which will permit trucks to only exit onto Crossman Road and Chevelier Ave near Route 35.

They have continually ignored the safety concerns of the residents while pushing their marionettes, their special interest group agendas, for whatever reason they deem fit, while ignoring the concerns of their residents.

It is now that people must realize that the present Borough Council clearly does not care for the welfare of the people of Sayreville. Have they not learned from the errors of the past that Sayreville has endured and still is cleaning up from.

To all voters of Sayreville, regardless of your political affiliation, vote Line A come this November to give the residents a balance on the Borough Council so “We The People” can be heard and not just ignored as has been the case for quite sometime here in Sayreville.

All our futures are at stake here if the Borough Council does not have a balance of power soon!

Gary Lattanzi

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