Letter to the Editor: I give Mayor Frank DelCore an A+


To the Editor

I am pleased to endorse Mayor Frank DelCore for reelection to the Hillsborough Township Committee

Look at his record of accomplishmentTaxes... The mayor has kept municipal spending under control and has kept the tax rate stable.

Open Space... The mayor helped acquire 700 acres that prevented the building of 1000 homes

Road Paving... The mayor planned for the road paving projects now being paved in town

Open Government... The mayor makes sure the government is accountable to its citizens

Recreation, ... The mayor partnered with Somerset County to build a beautiful new park

With this record, I give Mayor Frank DelCore an A+ for the job he has done for you and me. Mayor Frank DelCore has done an outstanding job and deserves reelection. His experience cant be replaced.

Ken Scherer
Former Hillsborough Mayor