Will ‘Grand Hotel’ move to another network?


Question: ABC canceled Grand Hotel! Will (executive producer) Eva Longoria pursue another network? —Fred

Matt Roush: The odds are against it, since the show was produced in partnership with ABC, which would require some tricky negotiations to continue. For those who’d like to spend more time in this world, Netflix is streaming three seasons of Gran Hotel, the Spanish series that inspired it. I hear it’s fun.

Question: How can Yellowstone not get nominated for any Emmys? —Greg

Matt Roush: Maybe next year, when Game of Thrones is no longer around, shows on smaller outlets like Paramount Network will get more of a chance. The stock answer is that, even with an Oscar-winning star like Kevin Costner as a beacon, there are just way too many shows competing for a small number of slots.

Question: The series finale of Suits was one of the best series finale of any TV show ever! —Mike

Matt Roush: Few things are more satisfying than for a long-running show to end on its own terms and fashion a finale that gives viewers what they want, with maybe a surprise or two. Bravo to Suits for going out on a high.

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