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Azra Baig is an active participant in South Brunswick community


I am reaching out to the South Brunswick community to show my support and encourage others to support the re-election of Azra Baig to a third term on the South Brunswick School Board on Nov. 5.

I have witnessed Azra being an active participant in the schools and our community for many years. Having been involved in the schools as a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) president and a PTO member myself, I have observed Azra’s dedication and positive impact. In my personal experience, she was one of the first Board of Education members that attended PTO meetings and showed sincere interest on school matters.

She is often at various South Brunswick events, taking the time out to volunteer and support activities, such as the South Brunswick Education Foundation fundraisers; Parent Academy workshops; school sporting events such as football, soccer and basketball games;Project Graduation/PTO fundraisers; the district’s Student Art Gallery; music concerts and so on. Being accessible, advocating for students, putting in the time and effort, being engaged in the schools and the community are all positive ways to make a difference.

In addition to the contributions mentioned, she offers a unique perspective as a woman of diversity which is a great part of this community and brings the understanding and cultural insight which is vital in representing and bringing varying perspectives of the community on the school board.

I am grateful for Azra’s leadership on the South Brunswick school board and have the utmost confidence in her ability to continue to serve notably in this capacity. She exhibits strong leadership skills and characteristics that are necessary to serve on the South Brunswick school board.

She is a great asset and is very much deserving of your support.


Sabuha Qureshi-Din
South Brunswick

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