Letter to the Editor: Did you forget votes to violate the Master Plan?


To the Editor,

Apparently, memory loss has reached epidemic proportion among Hopewell Township Committee candidates Kristen McLaughlin, Courtney Peters-Manning and their supporters.

In recent letters to the editor, they not only seemingly do not remember Mayor McLaughlin’s 4.68% tax increase of just six months ago, but they also apparently forgot Ms. McLaughlin’s and Ms. Peters-Manning’s numerous planning board votes to violate our Master Plan.

The 2002 Master Plan is, no doubt, the most important Hopewell Township environmental protection document in a generation. The plan was the result of careful study to provide a blue-print to protect our environment by thoughtfully limiting development.  You cannot be committed to our environment and, simultaneously, be against our environment by voting to violate the Master Plan. You are either one or the other.

Both Ms. McLaughlin and Ms. Peters-Manning are members of the Hopewell Township Planning Board, and both have voted in favor of development that has been identified by our professional township planner as inconsistent with the Master Plan.

Actions speak louder than words, especially at election time.

Harvey Lester