Letter to the Editor: Hillsborough has the good life… for now


To the Editor,

Hillsborough has been my family home for over 15 years now. My two children attend Hillsborough High School and it has been a pleasure watching them grow and thrive here.

That is why I’ve been so dismayed to see the direction our community is headed. So many storefronts have been closing and remaining vacant. I’ve seen many times businesses have left before they’ve even had a chance to open. Opportunities for new revenue are falling by the wayside and our property tax burden is becoming too much to bear.

Meanwhile, miles of roadways are in disrepair, cuts are being made to emergency services and school busing, and it seems the only focus of the township committee has been to bring in more residential sprawl. Life is good here for now, but the downward trend is obvious.

What Hillsborough needs now is someone with a strong planning background that can bring new business investment into town while protecting the remaining open spaces we have. I’m confident that Jeffery Wright is the right person to join the township committee and accomplish this.

Jeffery is a career financial advisor who really understands budgeting for a family and the planning that is necessary for seniors with a fixed income. He has prior successful experience with zoning, open space and senior citizen housing. Lastly, he is a dedicated family man with children in our school system who is invested in our community for the long term.

I hope everyone joins me in voting for Jeffery Wright for township committee.

Michele Kidd