Letter to the Editor: Towards a better balance


To the Editor,

I decided to run for Hopewell Township Committee because I believe that our local government must be more responsive to those who live here, and to our local environment.

I am concerned that the Mayor’s PILOT agreements will result in much higher school taxes.

I am concerned about this year’s 4.68% tax increase.  We must conduct government like we run our homes and our businesses, scrutinizing expenditures and living within our means.

I am concerned that much more must be done to lower the public debt, which contrary to the mayor’s statements remains unacceptably high.

I am concerned that the township has begun to eat up its surplus, which previous committees worked very long and hard to build up.

I believe that the citizens of Hopewell Township, when they have the courage to attend local meetings and get up to speak, are entitled to speak without interruption or threat. The three-minute clock is insulting, the mayor often provides no responses and certainly no dialogue or interaction with speakers, and I am appalled by the Mayor’s unprecedented habit of having armed police attend township meetings.

I believe that we must view Hopewell Township’s Master Plan as a guiding document, not as an obstacle to the planning of the day.

I believe that we must tap the energy and expertise of citizen volunteers, first by bringing back the Finance Advisory Committee.

The mayor, rather than fixing or addressing these issues, is attempting to scare voters by suggesting that only she can fight Penn-East. The truth is that both republicans and democrats have been fighting Penn-East effectively for years. The results of this election will not affect that good fight.

John Hart and I ask for your vote because, fundamentally, we need better balance and a wider range of voices on the Hopewell Township Committee.

Ed “Jack” Jackowski
Hopewell Township