Letter to the Editor: Vote for Herbert-Mason for Hopewell Valley School Board


To the Editor,

As a talented athlete and avid sports fan, my dad, Bill Herbert, was always a huge supporter of my soccer career. When I decided in eighth grade to give up soccer in pursuit of theatre, I was afraid he’d be silently disappointed. I actually wondered if we’d have anything to talk about anymore. But after a brief period of mourning, he threw all of that excitement, enthusiasm and support into my theatre pursuits. He always said that seeing me happy is what made him happy, and he really meant it. He understood that not every student is an intensely academic athlete, and that each person shows their gifts and intelligence in different ways.

Now he’s my number one fan, having sat front and center at every one of my performances since middle school. He has seen firsthand the massive impact that the arts have had on me and so many of my friends.

Since my mom was a special education teacher in West Windsor, my parents have always valued and stressed the importance of a great education. I know my dad appreciates all of the educational and artistic opportunities that my time at Hopewell gave to me. My dad and his running mate, John Mason, will continue to support these programs for artists, academics, athletes, and all passions for Hopewell’s students in the future. So be sure to vote Herbert-Mason for Hopewell Valley School Board on Nov. 5.

Caroline Herbert