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Four seats on Marlboro school board on Election Day ballot

MARLBORO – Three three-year terms and one one-year term on the Marlboro K-8 School District Board of Education will be on the Nov. 5 ballot.

Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

There is a contested race with four residents seeking the three three-year terms: Patricia Branch, Dara Enny, Randy Heller and Jennifer Silacci.

Branch, Enny and Heller are current board members.

Board member Robert Daniel is running unopposed for the one-year term. He could not be reached for comment.

Silacci has two children in the K-8 school district and is a certified substitute teacher. She teaches English online with VIPKid to students in China and is a member of the Marlboro Educational Foundation.

Branch was appointed to fill a vacancy on the board in January. She has one child in the K-8 district and one child attending Marlboro High School. Branch is running for her first full term on the board.

Enny is running for her third term on the board. She has two adult children.

Heller is running for his second term on the board. He has three children in the K-8 school district and one child attending Marlboro High School.

Each candidate was asked to discuss issues that are important to their campaign and how they would address each issue, if elected.

Branch said, “Effective boards are ones that listen and then craft solutions that best work for all our children. To do this you have to develop strong goals; a task I eagerly took on because I would like to drive positive action today and into the future.

“I will continue to advocate for our children at all levels of learning. One of the first meetings I asked for after joining the board was with the special education team. I am thrilled we have developed a new program this academic year that assists students in need of help in ELA and/or mathematics. I will continue to listen and strive to enhance our educational offerings, so all students can be successful.

“I am excited about the innovative solution we are implementing to address our aging infrastructure issues by taking advantage of energy savings opportunities. Ideas like this show fiscal responsibility while providing a safer school for our children. My desire to stay a board member is driven by my interest in continuing to develop outstanding educational opportunities for not only my two, but all our children,” Branch said.

Enny said. “In running for re-election for my third term, my main goal is to continue to act as an advocate for the children in our district while reducing bureaucracy and overhead expenses.

“As a teacher and one dedicated to learning, I am committed to providing the best possible educational experience to all of Marlboro’s students, while keeping a vigilant eye on expenses. I will continue to vote ‘no’ on budgets that raise taxes while decreasing student services and cutting the employment of those who work directly with the children in our district.

“I will continue to ask the tough questions. Voicing opinions and raising questions is the foundation of a fair and democratic process. It is undoubtedly easier to cast the ‘yes’ vote, however, that is not what I was elected to do.

“I will work hard to make sure our district continues to put fair policies into place, continues to provide excellent security, and support programs to address the mental health issues we face. I vow to work tirelessly asking the hard questions while demanding accountability and transparency. I will continue to work for the community,” Enny said.

Heller said, “I wear many hats, as most of us do these days … father, husband, son, friend and neighbor. I am so excited and proud to be running again for a seat on the board. I am very much looking forward to continuing to advocate for all the students, parents and staff.

“During my time on the board, I am proud of my many accomplishments including, but not limited to, the spotlight on emotional, social and behavioral health which consists of a district-wide initiative.

“Furthermore, being instrumental on the implementation of various safety and security measures for our children, teachers and families. Additionally, spearheading the improvement of the district’s website to enhance communication and productivity.

“I am passionate about the high-quality educational program Marlboro provides to all our children and with the residents’ support, I am hopeful to continue being an integral member of the board,” Heller said. 

Silacci said, “As both a mother of two Marlboro Elementary School students, in first and fifth grade, and a certified teacher, I feel I will bring a variety of knowledge to the board.

“I have actively participated in the Marlboro schools on many different levels; as a PTO member, a parent, a substitute teacher (long term and per diem), substitute instructional aide and substitute secretary. I am familiar with the challenges of meeting the needs of all types of learners, as well as keeping them safe and feeling protected.

“While the security in our schools is above and beyond other surrounding towns with our security officers and police officers, I would like to see more electronic and cyber security, too. I would love to make sure our security gets better as the internet advances.

“Our educators are amazing with keeping current in their knowledge of all the changes in education. I am lucky I have had the opportunity to work with such amazing, dedicated teachers and staff members. As a board member, I will continue to have an active presence in the schools. The reputation of the Marlboro public schools was a key factor in our decision to raise our children here,” Silacci said.

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