Classic TV Halloween Episodes

Photo Credit: The Addams Family: Credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

By Kellie B. Gormly, ReMIND Magazine

We might watch a lot of classic horror films during the Halloween season, like Night of the Living Dead, Psycho and Friday the 13th. Enjoy the October cinematic scares, but don’t forget to include episodes of your favorite old television shows in your viewing lineup.
Many of our beloved sitcoms included at least one Halloween-themed episode during their run. Hilarity ensues when trick-or-treat night intersects with the witty bickering, slapstick comedy, absurdities and mishaps we enjoy in every episode.

The Munsters, Season 1, Episode 1: “Munster Masquerade”
Except for the unaired pilot, the inherently Halloweenish series about a family of funny monsters makes its fitting debut with a Halloween theme. The Munsters are invited to a masquerade, and come in quirky Halloween costumes. But, when the hosts discover Herman’s face underneath his armor suit, they mistake it for a mask. Who could blame them, with Herman’s green Frankenstein head? As usual, Herman and Lily are completely oblivious to their effect on others.

Bewitched, Season 4, Episode 8: “Safe and Sane Halloween”
Darrin Stephens naively breathes a sigh of relief as his wife, the magical Samantha, agrees to a normal, mortal Halloween. But c’mon: You have two witches in the house, one of which is toddler Tabitha! She uses “wishcraft” to pull three goblinlike characters from a bedtime storybook into the real world. A comically disastrous trick-or-treat ensues.
Fittingly, Bewitched had several memorable Halloween episodes — including the second season’s “Trick or Treat,” where conniving mother-in-law Endora turns Darrin into a werewolf. In the third season’s “Twitch or Treat,” the maniacally quirky Uncle Arthur stirs up trouble at the Stephens’ Halloween party.

The Addams Family, Season 1, Episode 7: “Halloween With the Addams Family”
Like the Munsters, every day is Halloween at the macabre, spooky Addams house. Imagine the surprise, then, of two robbers whom the Addams family mistakes for trick-or-treaters. The Addams clan takes them in for a Halloween celebration, and the crooks get a far bigger Halloween scare than the cops catching them. Thing, the disembodied hand in a box, lets those two have it!

The Jeffersons, Season 6, Episodes 4-5: “Now You See It, Now You Don’t, Part 1 and Part 2”
If you’ve seen a creepy rabbit character at a haunted house, it has nothing on the costumed homicidal pink bunny that Louise “Weezy” Jefferson witnesses in a two-part Halloween episode. Weezy, using a telescope from the balcony, spies a man in a rabbit costume killing someone on Halloween night. Then, in a suspenseful twist, the angry bunny finds a frightened Weezy. Spoiler alert: She survives, but these two episodes give viewers a good scare.

The Facts of Life, Season 5, Episode 6: “The Halloween Show”
This spooky and imaginative episode builds up suspense, as the beloved Mrs. Garrett starts to look as if a ghost named Gertrude — doer of the so-called Halloween massacre — has possessed her. The girls become increasingly anxious that their surrogate mom has turned an old man into bratwurst. They surround Mrs. Garrett with brooms, and then we discover Natalie’s Halloween prank.

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