East Brunswick chiropractor celebrates 40 years of service


EAST BRUNSWICK–Using the power of chiropractic care to provide a natural pain-relief option for residents, Dr. Ken Freedman’s practice, Freedman Chiropractic, is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Freedman said his practice specializes in adult and pediatric back and neck pain relief care, personalized to individual needs.

“We take a very different approach than most other offices do. Instead of treating symptoms and leaving the underlying cause unchecked, we detect, locate and reduce the interferences to the body’s capacity to self-heal and function better,” Freedman said. “Having taught all of the major chiropractic adjusting techniques as a professor at New York Chiropractic College, I offer patients a high level of proficiency in the traditional methods, as well as, techniques that involve absolutely no ‘twisting and popping’ of the spinal joints.”

With carrot cake and champagne, Freedman said he and his staff celebrated their 40th anniversary the same way they did their first anniversary, with an open house on Aug. 6, located at Brier Hill Court D-6 in East Brunswick.

“The office was packed. East Brunswick Mayor Brad Cohen presented me with a proclamation with many Township Council members attending, and the event was covered by East Brunswick TV,” Freedman said. “Gov. Phil Murphy sent me a personal letter of congratulations. Best of all, my family, friends and many patients were there to share in our milestone. It was all very humbling.”

Freedman said that he opened his office in the township on Aug. 6, 1979.

Freedman was born in Elizabeth and grew up in Rahway. From Rahway High, he went to Rutgers University and upon his graduation from Rutgers University, he went to NY Chiropractic College. When he graduated, he said he wanted to return to his native New Jersey and open his practice.

When deciding on where he would open his practice, Freedman said, “I wanted to live in New Jersey and did an economic study of the state. I wanted to grow with a community that was growing also. So, in the late 1970s, most of the growth was in Middlesex County, and the hottest growth area was East Brunswick.

“I learned about chiropractic care when I was at Rutgers College. The idea of serving people by helping them heal themselves without drugs, therapies or surgery really appealed to me,” Freedman said.

Besides specializing in neck and back pain relief, Freedman said he also specializes in adjusting the feet, knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders and jaw, should a patient have a misalignment in any of these areas.

“I pledge to provide my patients with convenient, affordable and mainstream chiropractic care,” Freedman said. “I do not use unnecessary long-term treatment plans and/or therapies.”

Freedman said most people do not want drugs, therapy or surgery. So, initially, they seek his help for natural pain relief of back or neck pain, headaches, joint pains, numbness and tingling.

“After the pain subsides, many choose to continue having chiropractic check-ups periodically. This ensures their body is functioning at peak levels and prevents flare-ups of pain,” Freedman said. “Most importantly, it improves physical and mental performance, resistance to colds, infections and disease and retards premature joint and body decay. After all, either you make time for wellness or you will make time for illness.”

Having helped patients who had some incredible healings, Freedman said he helped a terminally ill liver cancer patient given three months to live be restored to normal health after four months of chiropractic care; a person with constant, unrelenting, pounding headaches for six straight months become pain-free after receiving their first adjustment; a couple that was unable to have a child have a baby girl after both were under care; and many people who were told they needed back and neck surgery who avoided it because they responded so well to their chiropractic care.

Since many back pain sufferers are overweight and have challenges exercising, Freedman said his practice also offers the Doctor-Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program and the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program.

“I truly feel blessed and privileged to improve peoples’ lives, safely, through clinical excellence, personal service, and a willingness to listen and exceed expectations,” Freedman said. “As a result, the long, warm, professional relationships we have developed are deeply gratifying.”

Freedman continued to say, “It has been an exciting, fulfilling and sometimes challenging time that went so fast. I am filled with gratitude [toward] my wife Norma Freedman and children, Jake and Diana, for their support and understanding, especially when I was seeing patients sometimes late at night or on weekends; to the Township of East Brunswick and surrounding communities, for providing the resources that enable me to have a wonderful environment to work in; and finally, to my patients, for trusting me with helping them restore and maintain the most precious thing life has to offer: good health.”

For more information about Freedman Chiropractic, visit www.freedmanchiropractic.com or call 732-254-6011.

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