Olsavsky, David bid for two-year term in Eatontown


EATONTOWN – Two candidates are seeking one two-year unexpired term on the Eatontown Borough Council in the Nov. 5 election. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The candidates are Republican Joseph Olsavsky and Democrat James David.

Olsavsky has lived in Eatontown for more than 55 years. He has owned an independent mobile tool distributorship in town for the past 10 years.

“I decided to run for council to bring the town back to the community it was when I was growing up. Over the past year, the dysfunction and negativity of the current council has diminished borough employees’ morale and tarnished Eatontown’s reputation.

“In the past, Eatontown has been highly regarded as one of the best towns in the county. I would like to help improve morale and build the reputation back to its former glory.

“I would like to work directly with the Department of Public Works to help improve the curbside services that have been reduced. I would also like to work with the Economic Development Committee to entice more businesses to town.

“There are many empty storefronts that would be great places for small businesses to fill. In addition, there is still room for bigger businesses to come into town without over-development. This could open many employment opportunities.

“I would support and work to enhance events to bring people from all corners of town together and give them a sense of pride and community … I am ready to help Eatontown get back on track with a homegrown voice to represent residents and find more efficient ways to address and resolve issues,” Olsavsky said.

David has lived in Eatontown for 19 years. If elected, David said he would work to creating an economic development plan to fill empty storefronts along Route 35.

“As an entrepreneur with nearly 40 years of consumer goods experience, my view of Eatontown is unique. I interact with thousands of our neighbors at the 7-Eleven on Broad Street and hear about the day-to-day problems they face.

“A common topic of discussion is economic development. For any municipality to thrive and prosper, there has to be a balance of ratables, both commercial and residential, with neither side bearing the brunt of the tax burden.

“Likewise, there has to be parity in the types of commercial ratables. For Eatontown to succeed now and in the future, we must have smart, stable development with an eye toward moving forward while still preserving what we have.

“By evaluating what is sustainable, we can maintain the needed balance to keep everyone flourishing. Major corporations bring tremendous resources and benefits, but small business owners also have much to offer,” David said.

Democrats Al Baginsky and Tonya Rivera, and Republicans Kevin Gonzalez and Maria Grazia Escalante are running for two three-year terms on the Borough Council. They are profiled in a separate article.

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