Letter to the Editor: Endorsing Mayor Frank DelCore


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To the Editor,
As former colleagues of Mayor Frank DelCore, who have had the privilege of working with him for the betterment of our community during our years of service on the township committee, it is our pleasure and honor to give our unconditional endorsement to DelCore for re-election to the township committee.
Hillsborough has received a number of honors in recent years, as one of the best and safest communities in New Jersey and the country. This hasn’t happened by accident.  Certainly, our residents are talented, and have invested their effort and resources in building from the ground up a community where they can successfully and happily raise their children. But another important contribution our residents have made in recent years has been to choose their local officials wisely, so that our community is also properly managed from the top down.
Under the leadership of DelCore, he has kept Hillsborough healthy and prosperous by the wise and responsible policies he has pursued. The township’s finances are sound and well managed – so much so that S&P raised our bond rating to the outstanding AA+ level, an unusually high ranking for a NJ municipality; and, the municipal tax rate is lower today than it was five years ago. Investments have been made to our infrastructure via the multi-year road resurfacing project and, in partnership with Somerset County, the Mountain View Park Complex. He has been working tirelessly to minimize the impact of the state-mandated affordable housing requirements by refusing to settle with the courts and the Fair Share Housing Center until a reasonable plan is achieved – Hillsborough is the only municipality in the county that has yet to settle.
Some of DelCore’s earliest accomplishments continue to pay dividends to our community. These include: 1) his successful efforts to have the mercury stockpile leave Hillsborough; 2) the establishment of railroad Quiet Zones; and 3) the implementation of the Economic Action Plan, that was recognized by the Somerset Business Partnership and local editorials as best practices models for economic development.
It is our humble opinion that DelCore has the proven and trusted leadership that Hillsborough residents deserve. Please join us in the goal of keeping Hillsborough a great place to live, and respectively ask you to re-elect Mayor Frank DelCore to the Hillsborough Township Committee on Nov. 5.
Carl Suraci
Former Mayor – Hillsborough Township

Lisa Nisivoccia
Former Deputy Mayor – Hillsborough Township

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