Letter to the Editor: In support of Adam Bierman for Princeton Council


To the Editor,

This year Princeton voters registered as independents and republicans have a rare chance to vote in a competitive election for Princeton Council.

Democrat Adam Bierman chose to run for Princeton Council this year as an independent, putting three democrats in the race the for two council seats to highlight the need for non-partisan elections in Princeton.

Princeton republicans and independents know most years, the Princeton November election is old Soviet style with one unopposed democratic candidate for each seat following a competitive democratic primary election.

According to the Rutgers Center for Government Services, Princeton registered voters in 2018 were 55% democratic, 10% republican, leaving 35% as independents or other party affiliations.

If democrats truly believe in one-person equals one-vote, then there is an urgent need for non-partisan elections in Princeton as 45% of registered voters are regularly excluded from the competitive democratic primary election.

I support Adman Bierman running for council as he intends to represent all of Princeton by pushing for non-partisan elections.

With Kindest Regards,
Donald J. Cox, Jr.