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Cicalese defeats Eufemia for seat on Hightstown Borough Council

Democrat Joseph Cicalese defeated Republican James Eufemia for a one-year unexpired term on the Hightstown Borough Council.

Incumbents Joshua Jackson and Steven Misiura were both running unopposed for reelection for two three-year terms on the council, following the Nov. 5 general election.

Cicalese pulled in a total of 590 votes, while Eufemia could only garner 298 in the Borough of Hightstown.

All election results are not official until released by the Mercer County Clerk.

Cicalese is currently a member of the Hightstown planning board, a member of the environmental commission, the treasurer for the Harvest Fair Committee, the director of the Children’s Area and the chair of the Complete Streets Committee.

“I am an optimistic person with a pragmatic approach to getting things done that I feel can be applied to many areas in our town that need work,” Cicalese said. “I have found in my experience volunteering for Hightstown that we can get a lot accomplished if we question the status quo and work persistently toward our goals.”

Cicalese said he will work to continue the pace of Hightstown’s growth and ensure the town is not missing any opportunities to save costs through shared services or lessen the burden on taxpayers through new development and investments in the borough.

“This is more than just my home, I work just a mile-and-a-half away in East Windsor,” he said. “When I’m not at work, I’m usually downtown walking around the lake with my daughter or biking with her to the park. I am proud to live in such a beautiful place and want to make sure everyone here feels the same pride and comfort in knowing their town is appreciated and is being well-managed. It’s been my experience, since moving here, that while not without its issues, Hightstown is a place that people love and truly care about, and whether it’s by serving on council or through my current work on various boards, committees and commissions, I’m not only proud of the love and care I have for my town, but I am proud to be a part of the effort on behalf of the borough to give love and care in return to our residents.”

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