Local school board elections results are in but remain unofficial

Voting on Election Day, voting ballot

Voters in Eatontown, Red Bank, Tinton Falls, Fair Haven, Rumson, Shrewsbury Township and Shrewsbury Borough went to the polls on Nov. 5 and elected members of the school boards in their respective municipalities.

The Monmouth County Clerk’s Office has posted results from the election on its website. All of the election results are unofficial and will remain unofficial until a vote counting process that could take more than a week has been completed.

The totals as of Nov. 6 do not include late mail-in ballots and provisional ballots, which are expected to be tallied later this week.


Four residents are seeking three three-year terms on the Eatontown Board of Education. As of Nov. 6, the results show Karen Zaletel (1,073), Nelson Ortiz (1,085) and Lori Flynn (1,431) leading Janine Frederick (929).

Running unopposed for a seat on the board as Eatontown’s representative, Carl Lawson won the one-year unexpired term. Voters in Eatontown cast 1,701 votes for Lawson.

Red Bank Regional High School

Running unopposed for three seats on the Red Bank Regional High School Board of Education, Emily A. Dohery (1,308) Diane Davis (1,305) and Irwin Katz (1,248) won the three-year terms.

Red Bank

Running unopposed for three full term seats on the Red Bank Borough Board of Education, Suzanne Viscomi (1,305) Erik Perry (1,268) and Benedict J. Forest (1,314) won the terms.

Running unopposed for a one year unexpired term, Jennifer Herold Garcia (1,378) won the term.

Tinton Falls

Running unopposed on the Tinton Falls School District Board of Education, John T. Livingood (2,580), Christopher Theobald (2,707) and Teena Patel (2,750) won the three-year terms.

Monmouth Regional High School District: Tinton Falls, Shrewsbury Township and Eatontown

Eatontown resident Mary Anne Linder ran unopposed for a seat on the Board of Education and received 1,646 votes as of Nov. 6 to win the seat. In Tinton Falls, two seats were available on the board. Only one resident, Sharon C. Wisdom, filed a petition and ran unopposed for a seat on the board. She received 2,396 votes. The second seat may be filled by a write-in candidate who collected 116 votes. The write-in candidate has not yet been identified.

Fair Haven

Running unopposed for three three-year seats on the Fair Haven Board of Education, Carol Lang (1,094), Marisa Coar (1,044) and Sheri D’Angelo (1,058) won the terms.

Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School 

Running unopposed for two three-year terms on the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional Board of Education as Rumson representatives are Katherine Thompson (1,087) and Jane R. Pattwell (1,088). Thompson and Pattwell won the seats. Also running unopposed, Fair Haven resident Anthony Leland recorded 1,097 votes. Fair Haven resident Eileen R. Hickey ran unopposed and received 1,108 votes for a one-year unexpired term on the board.


Running unopposed for three three-year seats on the Rumson School District Board of Education, Scott Caldwell (1,083), Stacy Izzo (1,084) and Tara D’Uva (1,067) won the terms.

Shrewsbury Borough

Running unopposed for three three-year seats on the Shrewsbury Borough School Board of Education, Karen Hepburg-Goldbern (704), Jessica Groom (709) and Carolyn Barber (709) won the terms.

Red Bank Referendum

The Red Bank Borough Public Schools Board of Education posed a multimillion dollar question on the Nov. 5 ballot when residents were asked to approve repairs and improvements at Red Bank Primary School and Red Bank Middle School.

The board authorized the $6.75 million referendum to be placed on the Election Day ballot. As of Nov. 6, voters approved the referendum 1,287 “yes” votes and 607 “no” votes cast.

Rumson Referendum

Voters in Rumson approved a $25.7 million referendum for improvements at Deane-Porter Elementary School and Forrestdale School. Voters approved the referendum 914 “yes” votes to 550 “no” votes.