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Jamesburg elects two incumbents, union organizer to school board

Jamesburg elects two incumbents, union organizer to school board

JAMESBURG–Incumbents Michelle Scott and Kerryann Holster, as well as candidate Anne Luck-Deak, won Board of Education seats in Jamesburg during the election on Nov.5.

Holster won 346 votes/27%, Scott registered 326 votes/25% and Luck-Deck collected 320 votes/25% to secure the three open seats on the board, each having a three-year term.

Election results are according to the Middlesex County Board of Elections and are unofficial until certified.

“This was truly a race where every vote mattered with the results being such a close margin. With there not being a big election draw, only 20% of the registered voters came out to the polls,” Scott said. “It’s bittersweet that as it unofficially stands our runningmate Edward Herban will not be on the board with us this next term. We have been making great strides for the betterment of our children’s education while being fiscally responsible. I know Kerryann Holster and I will continue to do so.”

Scott continued to say, “I would like to thank everyone for their support and will always have every constituent in mind when making decisions. We have such pride in our small community and I am proud to say I have an active role in making it the wonderful community to raise your family.”

Luck-Deak said, “I look forward to seeing the certified election results and no matter what I am proud of the campaign we ran. My team and I spoke with many Jamesburg residents about their vision for our schools and our children’s futures and built a grassroots effort based on that. I look forward to continuing the work we started here, whether that is as a Board member or as a parent.”

Incumbent Edward Herban recorded 310 votes/24%.

“I joined the Board of Education in 2017, because, at the time, no one wanted to do the job,” Herban said. “It got so difficult to find people to fill the role that we voted to reduce the number of seats on the board from nine to seven to ensure that the board can conduct business with a quorum with as few as four members.”

Herban continued to say, “I’m glad to see a renewed interest in the role from the community. I’m most happy that the three candidates who really wanted the job will likely end up in it. Hopefully, the momentum will continue and the board will be able to restore itself to better represent the town.”

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