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Democratic incumbents hold onto council seats in Woodbridge

Democratic incumbents hold onto council seats in Woodbridge
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WOODBRIDGE – The Democratic incumbents held onto council-at-large seats on the Woodbridge Township Council.

Brian F. Small, who will serve his second term, received the most votes with 9,323/18% during the election on Nov. 5. Lizbeth DeJesus, who will serve her second term, received 9,223 votes/17%. Gregg Ficarra, who will serve his fourth term, received 9,189 votes/17%. Kyle Anderson, who will serve his third term, received 9,037 votes/17%.

Republican challengers Paul Lund Jr., John Vrtaric, Frank Tromatore, and Thomas E. Maras received 8% of the votes with 4,233, 4,127, 4,067, and 3,992, respectively.

DeJesus, 47, who has lived in Woodbridge for almost 19 years, said she ran for a second term because she believes it is important for all people to have representation in government. She is the first Hispanic elected/appointed to the council.

Ficarra, 64, who is a 59-year resident of Woodbridge, said after 13 years of public service, he would like to further the township’s development of health and wellness initiatives in the community; continue to make sure day-to-day services remain at a high level; and expand the township’s Share the Road program and expand walking opportunities.

Small, 54, who is a lifelong resident of the township, said public safety is a top priority for him and good working relationships between the township’s emergency service departments is an asset to everyone.

Election results from Nov. 5 are according to the Middlesex County Board of Elections and are unofficial until certified.