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Voters tab newcomers and incumbents for local governing bodies

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Voters in Holmdel, Middletown, Hazlet, Keyport, Matawan and Aberdeen went to the polls on Nov. 5 and elected members of the governing body in their respective municipalities.

The Monmouth County Clerk’s Office has posted results from the election on its website. The results of the election will remain unofficial until they are certified by the county.


In a tight race for two three-year terms on the Holmdel Township Committee, independent candidates Cathy Weber and Prakash Santhana have defeated incumbent Republican Eric Hinds, who is currently serving as mayor, and Republican Chiung-Yin Cheng Liu. As of Nov. 11, Weber (2,108 votes) and Santhana (2,025 votes) led Hinds (2,000 votes) and Cheng Liu (2,015 votes).


In the race for two three-year terms on the Middletown Township Committee, incumbent Republicans Kevin Settembrino and Rick Hibell have defeated Democrats Jeana Sager and Sean Byrnes. As of Nov. 11, Settembrino had 8,102 votes and Hibell had 7,978 votes. Byrnes garnered 4,885 votes and Sager collected 4,157 votes.


In the race for two three-year terms on the Hazlet Township Committee, incumbent Republicans Scott Aagre and Michael Glackin have defeated Democrats Ryan O’Steen and Lucille LoSapio. Aagre is currently serving as mayor and Glackin is serving as deputy mayor.

As of Nov. 11, Aagre (2,154 votes) and Glackin (2,137 votes) led O’Steen (1,576 votes) and LoSapio (1,526 votes).

In the race for a one-year unexpired term, Republican incumbent Michael Sachs defeated Democrat Barabara Ronchetti. As of Nov. 11, Sachs had 2,110 votes and Ronchetti, a former member of the Township Committee, had 1,643 votes.


In a close race for two three-year terms on the Keyport Borough Council, incumbent Democrats Victoria Pacheco and Delia Sosa McDermott have defeated Republicans Elmer Graham Jr. and Daniel Fox. As of Nov. 11, Pacheco (686 votes) and McDermott (659 votes) led Graham (632 votes) and Fox (623 votes).


In the race for a four-year term as mayor in Matawan, incumbent Democrat Joseph Altomonte has defeated Republican Linda Clifton. As of Nov. 11, Altomonte, who is currently serving as mayor, received 1,227 votes and Clifton received 985 votes.

In the race for two three-year terms on the Matawan Borough Council, incumbent Democrats Brett Michael Cannon and Brian Livesey have defeated Republicans Anissa Esposito and Zoltan Varsanyi. As of Nov. 11, Cannon received 1,238 votes and Livesay garnered 1,192 votes. Esposito collected 961 votes and Varsanyi received 953 votes.

In the race for one two-year unexpired term, Democrat John Lazar has defeated Republican Laura Selby. As of Nov. 11, Lazar received 1,211 votes and Selby received 973 votes.

Aberdeen Township

In the race for four full terms on the Township Council in Aberdeen Township, incumbent Democrats Gregory J. Cannon, Arthur S. Hirsch, Robert L. Swindle and Concetta B. Kelley have defeated Republicans Theresa Furmato Velardi, James E. Eccles III, Alicia Botticelli and William Sullivan.

As of Nov. 11, Cannon (1,844 votes), Hirsch (1,866 votes), Swindle (1,837 votes) and Kelley (1,845 votes) led Furmato Velardi (1,486 votes), Eccles (1,476 votes), Botticelli (1,492 votes) and Sullivan (1,461 votes).

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