Results Boxing opens inside Brunswick Square Mall

Brandywine Living at Princeton resident Donald Stern, left, protects himself during a boxing demonstration by Rock Steady Boxing on April 26.

Celebrity fitness pro and author Jon Douglas Gallo recently opened Results Boxing and Fitness in the Brunswick Square Mall, 755 Route 18, East Brunswick, as a 50-minute high-intensity group workout designed around the core fundamentals of boxing.

Results Boxing places emphasis on the fun factor inside a family-oriented fitness studio.

The Results Boxing system blends shadow boxing, bag work, hand pad work and bodyweight exercises. It also incorporates kettle bells, medicine balls, battle ropes and other equipment.

The facility’s Aqua Training bags provide resistance with less impact, enabling boxers to train harder and more realistically, with reduced risk of injury.

Results Boxing also has a high-tech Fit 3-D body scanner to measure and track progress, plus a suspension station for bodyweight training and stretching.

Gallo also offers health and wellness therapies such as sports massage in the Now I’m Fit facility in Milltown.

Results Boxing offers a variety of models to suit any size fitness center and will assist with the entire build-out, talent acquisition and training to get the program established for other businesses.

Email [email protected] for more information.