Letter to the Editor: Thank you

To the Editor,

Thank you, township neighbors for electing us. We take your mandate seriously and will work together with the board and community as we did throughout our campaign. Our strategy was to welcome as many voices as possible. 

Thank you to Kristin McLaughlin, Courtney Peters-Manning, John Hart and Ed Jackowski for providing bipartisan support for our campaign. We will encourage the school board to continue working closely with our municipalities. 

Thank you to current and former board members that shared their insights about board service and finance, especially Roy Dollard and his wife Barbara. We feel that it is important to understand the history of previous decisions when forging the path for the future.

Thank you to current and former teachers that supported our campaign, posted our signs, and attended our meet and greets. We hear you.

Thank you to Heather Irish-Mott and the Strive PTO. We are so honored that you reached out and actively campaigned for us. John Mason will request to be the board’s liaison to special education to further understand your needs and better serve you.

Finally, thank you to our families that sacrificed their time and effort throughout the campaign season — with a special shoutout to Caroline Herbert who helped us on social media and wrote a beautiful letter of endorsement. 

We are very excited about serving you in 2020. Our board service will focus on increasing transparency. Whether budget, district recognition or unfortunate episodes, we will be proactive in our communication.

Integrity and Fiscal Responsibility. Best outcomes for all students.

Bill Herbert
John Mason
Hopewell Township