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Public hearing adjourned again for potential CVS storefront in Bordentown Township

A public hearing that will be part of an application proposing the construction of a CVS Pharmacy in Bordentown Township has been adjourned again until the township planning board’s December meeting.

The Bordentown Township Planning Board announced at a Nov. 14 meeting that the municipality received a letter from the applicant, CVS/Pomona Development Group, LLC, who requested an adjournment to the Dec. 12 board meeting several hours prior to the November meeting for their proposal to construct a CVS storefront in the township.

At the November meeting, Bordentown Township Administrator Michael Theokas explained that the reasoning for the adjournment from the applicant was to address site plans and comments from the township’s planning board professionals in regards to the application.

“We received a letter late this afternoon from Dembo, Brown & Burns, LLP, the attorney for Ponoma Development Group, regarding the application for a potential CVS [site], which was on the agenda for tonight,” Theokas said. “The letter, in short, requested an adjournment for tonight’s application until Dec. 12. They asked for an adjournment to further meet with our professionals to address comments in their review letters as well as slightly amend the plan.”

According to an application filed with the municipality, the applicant is seeking preliminary and final site plans as well as a major subdivision approval and related bulk variances associated with a proposed development of a CVS Pharmacy, a 9,000 square foot mixed-use building and associated parking as well as site improvements for the existing McDonald’s restaurant property located on Route 130 and Farnsworth Avenue.

The site proposed for the pharmacy is in the township’s Gateway Commercial – South Zone.

The variances request per the application include a reduction in lot width and frontage, a sign variance and a variance to permit a freestanding sign area.

According to the applicant’s proposal, a variance is needed to construct a lot with a width of 92.2 feet where 100 feet is required by ordinance and a lot frontage on 93.9 feet where 100 feet is required per the township ordinance section 111.B(F)(1) of the development plan.

The applicant is also proposing a sign variance associated with the approval to permit a monument sign on the planned site identifying the existing McDonald’s restaurant and any additional tenant/s on an adjacent lot.

The applicant also proposed a freestanding sign area of 48.3 square feet where 35 square feet is permitted by township ordinance.

A completeness review for the application, which includes preliminary and final site plans, was approved by board members on Aug. 8.

Prior to the start of a formal public review, the board reviews an application for completeness. The process can include a land use review of the proposed site to ensure the application is complete and technically accurate, and an environmental review to disclose and analyze potential impacts the development may cause.

Once those items have been reviewed by the board, the application is approved or denied to come before the board for a public hearing.

CVS Pharmacy is a subsidiary of the American retail and health care company CVS Health, headquartered in Woonsocket, R.I.

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