Cheers and Jeers


by Damian Holbrook

Cheers to Sesame Street

for 50 years of Muppet-y merriment. From its early days on PBS to its current life on HBO, the beloved staple of educational kids’ TV was suitably celebrated with a lively, loving anniversary special hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt that would make creator Jim Henson proud…and Grover (pictured) feel super.

Cheers to HBO’s Game Changer.

Instead of moving ahead with a Naomi Watts–led Game of Thrones spinoff set thousands of years before winter came to Winterfell, the cable giant opted to replace that project with House of the Dragon, a prequel all about the fiery Targaryen family.

Jeers to The Walking Dead‘s Negan

for going bat-ty again. Just when we started to like the guy, the recovering villain (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, pictured) slipped back into his Lucille-swingin’ ways after being triggered
by an obsessed stranger.

Jeers to The Morning Show

for anchoring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon (pictured right, with Aniston) with a tired trope. Apple TV+’s #MeToo drama could be a timely tale of female empowerment but is so far just a glossy soap devoted to pitting conniving journalists against each other. That’s not new. Or newsworthy.