Letter to the Editor: Senator Greenstein is a champion for electric vehicles and the future

To the Editor,

As climate change effects begin to increase in New Jersey, the time to switch to clean energy is now. From sea level rise in our shore communities to flooding in our towns to increasing heat waves and extreme weather, climate change is increasingly changing our state. Nearly half of all carbon emissions in New Jersey come from our cars and trucks alone and by switching to electric vehicles, we can drastically reduce carbon pollution from our tailpipes. Electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace, but the charging infrastructure behind these cars is still sorely lacking and there aren’t adequate incentives.

Fortunately, Sen. Linda Greenstein is ready to help New Jersey take a step in the right direction. As the prime sponsor of the Electric Vehicle legislation (S2252), she is promoting the creation of an expansive charging infrastructure that will help to eliminate range anxiety on the road. The bill would accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and alleviate range anxiety and affordability issues by installing fast chargers on the state’s busiest roads and providing rebates for the purchase of electric vehicles.

We thank Senator Greenstein for her tremendous efforts in improving New Jersey’s air quality. She is a champion for all residents, and we appreciate her strong support to build up legislative support to get the EV legislation passed during the lame duck legislative session. To build on that support, let’s pass the EV bill before the end of the session so we can truly electrify New Jersey.

Conor Duca
Environment New Jersey
New Brunswick