Jamesburg schools improve at record rate


JAMESBURG – Jamesburg’s Public Schools improved at a higher rate than any other district in Middlesex County, according to school officials.

As compared with other schools throughout the state, students in the town’s two schools showed a growth rate in the 90th percentile in language arts, and in the 100th percentile in math.

The 2019 growth rate, as shown by New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA) test scores, is the third year in a row that the district’s students have improved over the previous year. In the same timeframe, the district has started a full-day preschool program for 3- and 4-year-olds, maintained a dual language immersion program, and expanded its sports and other extracurricular activities, according to a statement provided by the district.


“We have made a concerted effort to implement the very best programs and student supports aimed at improving student achievement across the district,” Superintendent Brian Betze said in the statement. “With fully-trained professionals implementing the very best programs, students are meeting and exceeding expectations across all grade-levels.”


In the 2019 NJSLA, the district’s students achieved the “exceeded standards” level in 10 of 13 assessment categories, and achieved “met standards” in the other three, according to the statement. The district is rated 7th in the state in terms of spending efficiency. Last year, the district continued its improvement and expansion with no increase in the tax rate, according to the statement.