Letter to the Editor: Support local businesses this holiday

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

To the Editor,

Some things disappear because something much better takes its place and there is just no need for it anymore. Ice boxes, disposable cameras and flip phones are just a couple of examples.

But some things are timeless and beautiful just the way they are and one of those things is our special downtown that adds sparkle and life to this community. There is nothing quite like downtown Princeton.

Walking into your local coffee shop and having the barista greet you by name and ask how your vacation was. Stopping by the wonderful little gift shop and buying that friend a handmade mug or homemade soaps or leather goods for the holidays, instead of ordering something from Amazon. Getting a hair cut at the little local barbershop or hair salon where you can chat with your friends and catch up on the local “news.” These are all small things that build a community.

Supporting our small, local businesses is not only incredibly important to our local economy, it is so rewarding. You are contributing to a vibrant downtown.

Local businesses are better for the environment. They use less tax money, make more jobs and keep more money in the local community. And you benefit from the face-to-face customer service and build relationships with your neighbors. Totally retro (and therefore hipster certified cool). This trust is priceless… see for yourself what the difference is, versus pointing and clicking.

We may not take time to think about how important it is to support our local businesses and if we continue to ignore the importance of them, they may be gone and it may not be until they are, that we realize just how much we love them.

We recently saw a sign outside of a small shop that said, “Ghost towns happen when you don’t shop local.” Shopping local keeps small cute business (and small cute business owners) in business. Don’t like to see empty and vacant storefronts downtown? Support local businesses that are open for you every day.

We thank Mayor Liz Lempert and the Princeton Town Council for making shopping in downtown Princeton more attractive than ever. With free on-street parking every day after 6:00 p.m. and all day, Sundays, in December.

Come downtown and enjoy the charm Princeton has to offer during the holidays. The downtown business community welcomes you and we are committed to providing an incredible holiday shopping experience. We look forward to seeing you!

Kristin & Ron Menapace
Owners of Homestead Princeton