Big improvements can start with small changes

I am writing in response to the article ” ‘Greenbelt Team’ Will Assist Town.” Personally, after receiving resources at James Madison University, I have broadened my education on environmental issues.

Being from the small town of Allentown, seeing these steps being taken to preserve our town’s historical personality and start to take measures to help the environment is important to me and I am sure others, too.

I think it is important that small towns start to put an emphasis on environmental issues because changes on an individual level will not make as much of an impact. Climate change is an obvious issue with the environment and due to climate lag, the delay in climate cooling, makes it important that changes be implemented now.

The article stated “it mitigates the stress on our air, water and climate” in reference to what the greenbelt organization will focus on.

Since New Jersey is a fracking-free state, the water in Allentown does not contain methane, however, there are still dangerous metals that contaminate the water we drink even though they are below the legal limit, they can still have dangerous long-term effects on our health.

Trying to reduce these levels is something hopefully the greenbelt organization can work toward with funding. While our small town of Allentown does not contribute greatly to air pollution in comparison to other parts, radical changes will not be made in this nation if small towns like ours do not make the changes we are starting to see.

Cailyn Matthews