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Richard Talks Real Estate: WHAT IS A MARKET ANALYSIS?

Presented by Richard A. Keri, Sales AssociateWhen you decide to sell your
property and have identified a real
estate agent to possibly work with
you, that individual will do a “market
analysis” or “pricing proposal” He or
she will study the properties in your
area, usually within a certain radius of
your home. Ideally, these properties
will be comparable in age & style &
will have approximately the same
square footage, lot size & the same
number of bedrooms & baths as well
as other similar features. The list will
include properties that are active
on the market but also those that
are under contract and sold within
the last 6 months. This information
will help generate a price range for
listing your home.

I know how to combine an
objective evaluation of a property
with a realistic assessment of market
conditions in order to establish
an accurate, fair price. When you
choose me as your real estate agent
to sell your home, I will provide you
with a market analysis as well as an
individualized marketing plan. Begin
the process with a call to 732-297-
1100, ext. 114. My office is located
at 3430 Route 27, Kendall Park.

HINT: The agent will prepare a
booklet with the information &
explain it to you. It will help you
compare apples to apples & settle
on a reasonable price.

Please email any questions
or comments to:
or visit my website:
Cell: 732-586-9524
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