Opinion: The Blurred Blue Line



They wear the blue uniform that symbolizes security

But protection for all citizens is not a surety.

It tends to shield them from criminal acts

By saying, “That Black Dude was a threat”

And that is that.

The blurred blue line.


They commit crimes against all minorities

Including those in blue uniforms

Oh, what a calamity.

Overtly and covertly they do their deeds

With protection from leaders who abide by the same creed

The blurred blue line.


They harass and discriminate against law abiding officers

Who take a stand and speak up about the unfair treatment of others.

Day in and day out the harassment continues

Where good officers drown their sorrows in drugs, alcohol, or permanent sleep.

Scolded, shunned, and ostracized

Feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and victimized

Good officers question their career path

And wonder if all has been for naught.

The blurred blue line.


I ask the meaning of “Benevolent”

It’s in the logo

Advocating love and harmony.

But the true reality is not as such

As many lives are gone due to a hateful bunch.

The blurred blue line.


But I say all is not lost

As there are those who will fight

No matter the cost.

Because if we choose to let them win

Humanity is lost

And that would be a sin.

The blurred blue line.



Dr. Michael Campbell is a resident of Howell. He is also a patrolman with the North Brunswick Police Department. This poem was written in response to Maya Angelou’s “The Mask,” adapted to reflect the internalized pain from which police officers may suffer.