Richard Talks Real Estate: SMART THINKING


Smart technology for the home
is a huge & growing trend. You
may want to integrate some of
these products into your property
before placing it on the market.
These items have the appeal of
being convenient & easy for the
future homeowner and serious
buyers are willing to pay a
premium for homes that have
them. One option, with an energy
efficient appeal, is a thermostat
that can be controlled over the
internet. Another great device
is a doorbell that will allow you
to video chat with the person at
your door without being home.
There are also remote-controlled
light switches, doors & window
locks as well as automated garage

Another smart move is to enlist
the services of a well-respected,
seasoned professional when
buying or selling real estate. I’ll be
glad to tell you more about adding
some of the above-mentioned
user-friendly devices to attract
buyers to your home, as well as
share my ideas of marketing your
home. Learn more with a call to
732-297-1100, ext. 114. My
office is located at 3430 Route
27, Kendall Park.

HINT: There are popular
gadgets that act as hubs and will
allow you to control multiple
aspects of the home from one
central location or device.