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McNaboe to serve as Manalapan mayor during 2020

MANALAPAN – Jack McNaboe has been elected by his colleagues on the Manalapan Township Committee to serve as mayor during 2020.

McNaboe was tapped for the position during the committee’s reorganization meeting on Jan. 3 at the municipal building. All five members of the governing body are Republican.

During the meeting, Mary Ann Musich and Eric Nelson were sworn in to begin serving three-year terms. Musich is beginning her third term and Nelson is beginning his first term.

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden administered the oath of office to Musich and Township Attorney Roger McLaughlin, who was recently appointed as a municipal judge, administered the oath of office to Nelson.

Musich and Nelson were joined at the front of the meeting room by family members as they took the oath of office.

McNaboe, Musich and Nelson are joined by Susan Cohen and Barry Jacobson on the dais.

After Musich and Nelson were seated, Cohen nominated McNaboe to serve as mayor. The committee members voted 5-0 on the motion. State Assemblyman Robert Clifton swore in McNaboe, who was joined by his family.

McNaboe then nominated Cohen to serve as deputy mayor. The committee members voted 5-0 on the motion. Golden swore in Cohen, who was joined by her family.

In his first comments as an elected official, Nelson, who previously served as an appointed member of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, thanked “all who made it possible for me to be here tonight. I will do everything to work for the best interests of Manalapan. I love this town.”

Musich thanked residents for re-electing her to the governing body. Musich, who has lived in Manalapan for 35 years, said of her colleagues that “while we don’t always agree, we are able to work together to arrive at a decision.”

Musich recognized Manalapan’s employees for their efforts and dedication on behalf of residents and she thanked residents who volunteer “and dedicate their time and efforts” to the township.

“The Township Committee is up to the challenge in 2020 and will work diligently on behalf of our residents,” the committeewoman said.

Jacobson, who is beginning his second year on the committee, said, “Whatever challenges we face, we think of the people first. We work for you.”

Cohen, who served as mayor during 2019, said McNaboe has been dedicated to the office of mayor when he held the title in previous years. She pledged to work hard on behalf of residents as deputy mayor in 2020 and thanked all of the volunteers on Manalapan’s boards and committees.

Taking over as mayor for the new year, McNaboe pointed to what he called Manalapan’s “stable, solid government that is responsive to residents. We (Township Committee members) don’t always agree, but we work it out.”

He thanked Manalapan’s first responders – police officers, firefighters and emergency medical services personnel – for always being on call and ready to assist residents in their time of need.

Committee members made the following appointments to municipal positions and boards: Roger McLaughlin was appointed as township attorney and parliamentarian; Greg Valesi was appointed as township engineer. Valesi’s firm, CME Associates, is also represented in Manalapan by James Winckowski and Brian Boccanfuso.

Jennifer Beahm was appointed as township planner; James Newman and Nicole Sonnenblick were appointed as municipal court judges; Robert Oliwas was appointed as auditor; Susan Solda DeSimone was appointed as municipal prosecutor; John Kwasnik was appointed as municipal public defender; and Andrew Bayer was appointed special counsel for affordable housing.

Mayoral appointments to the Zoning Board of Adjustment were Terry Rosenthal, Robert Gregowicz, David Schertz, Rob Ditota and Basil Mantagas.

Township Committee appointments to the Planning Board were McNaboe, Jacobson, Richard Hogan, Barry Fisher, Steve Kastell and Brian Shorr.

The following special law enforcement officers were reappointed to serve with the Manalapan Police Department: Christopher Schou, Jeremy Slad, Salvatore Frascino, Christopher Marsala and John Tropeano.

The committee’s first regular meeting of the year will be on Jan. 15. Meeting agendas are posted on the township’s website prior to each meeting.

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