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Scope and magnitute of growing number of significant projects calls for new role in Metuchen

Congressman Frank Pallone (D-6) swears in Metuchen Mayor Jonathan Busch with his family by his side on Jan. 1.

METUCHEN – The scope and magnitude of the growing number of significant projects in Metuchen’s future calls for the creation of a new administrative position – director of special projects.

The Borough Council is expected to approve the ordinance to create the new position during the second reading and public hearing at its next meeting on Jan. 13. The council unanimously approved the first reading of the ordinance at the council’s reorganization meeting on Jan. 1.

Mayor Jonathan Busch announced the creation of the new position during his 2020 mayor’s message.

“We are reaching critical phases for several important infrastructure projects such as the construction of a new firehouse, construction of a new sewer pump station, development of the Metuchen Arts District, much needed renovations to the Library, and the management of developers with respect to the Gulton and Oakite properties,” he said.

In addition, Busch said the planning for and management of incoming grant monies for the $9.3 million Main Street improvement and $307,000 Grove Avenue bike lane projects require significant attention.

The mayor said for the projects to be successful and to ensure the continued delivery of borough services, he proposed the creation of director of special projects.

Busch said over the last few years, Borough Administrator Jay Muldoon has done a “phenomenal job running the borough and managing the growing number of significant projects facing the borough.”

“As Mr. Muldoon has significant experience in the area of project management in his role as our borough administrator and in his previous career in the private sector, we are excited to announce that we will be appointing him to this new position at some point in the new year,” he said. “The establishment of this new position will allow our new borough administrator to continue to focus on the core responsibilities of public administration such as human resources, budget and finance, and the day to day operations of the borough.”

Busch said as they embark on the next decade together, it is essential the borough govern with the future in mind and do its part to preserve the community’s character and charm while adjusting and adapting to the range of changing demands and trends that will arise.

“This is our charge – ensure that our foundation remains strong, effectively manage the administration of borough services and not just hear, but truly listen to the areas that are most important to our residents,” he said.

During the reorganization meeting, Congressman Frank Pallone (D-Middlesex, Monmouth) swore in Busch, Councilwoman Linda M. Koskoski, Councilwoman Dorothy Rasmussen and Councilman Dan Hirsh, who were re-elected to their respective positions during the Nov. 5 election. Many dignitaries, former mayors, family and friends attended the meeting.

Busch was selected as the borough’s 36th mayor on Dec. 18, 2017, and was elected to the one-year unexpired term on Nov. 6, 2018, of former Mayor Peter Cammarano. He was re-elected to serve the next four years.

Koskoski was sworn in for her second three-year term; Rasmussen was sworn in for her fourth term; and Councilman Dan Hirsch, who was appointed in January 2019 to fill a vacancy, was sworn in for the one-year unexpired term.

Also during the reorganization meeting, Koskoski was nominated to serve another term as council president. She thanked her fellow council members for the opportunity.

“This is a great team. They have been working together doing amazing things for this town and to be selected as the leader is very humbling,” she said.

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