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Middletown author releases second book in children’s sci-fi/hockey mash-up series

The Rainy River Bees series by Chris Kreuter is great for middle-grade readers in the 8-13 age range. The books are written by a lifelong lover of science fiction and hockey, and feature adventure, strange aliens, evil plots and plenty of action. The books will get your aspiring astronauts to lace up skates, and your young sports lovers looking to the stars.

In Book 1: “The Intergalactic Adventures of the Rainy River Bees,” an elite peewee hockey team from a small town goes to Toronto and wins a major championship. Moments later, they get abducted by aliens who love hockey. The Bees are brought across the universe to play in the Intergalactic Hockey Championships, where they face-off against strange aliens with even stranger rules. But what seems to be friendly competition hides a dark secret that puts the entire universe in peril. It’s up to the 12 Bees and their new friends to save the day: and win the tournament.

Book 2: “Revenge on the Rainy River Bees!” features Samantha Clayburn, who doesn’t have a lot to be happy about. She happens across a pond hockey game with the famous Rainy River Bees. Being invited to play is a dream come true, but it quickly turns into a nightmare. The Bythrin Dominion comes back for revenge on the Bees. Sam manages to escape with the Bees and gets wrapped up in a universe-spanning adventure. She visits new galaxies, experiences unique civilizations, and helps uncover clues that point the Bees toward a mysterious force with the potential to help save Earth and defeat the Bythrin once and for all.

For more information visit: www.RainyRiverBees.com.

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