Wolfe elected president of Marlboro school board

MARLBORO – Robyn Wolfe has been re-elected president of the Marlboro K-8 School District Board of Education for 2020.

The board held its reorganization meeting on Jan. 7 at the district’s administration building, when newcomer Jennifer Silacci and re-elected board members Patricia Branch and Randy Heller were sworn in to begin serving the three-year terms they won in the Nov. 5 election. Incumbent Robert Daniel was sworn in to begin serving a one-year term he won in the general election.

Administrators said the district’s enrollment currently stands at 4,803 students. Enrollment in January 2019 was 4,848 pupils.

After Branch, Daniel, Heller and Silacci were seated, nominations were made for the position of president.

Susan Shrem nominated Wolfe and there were no other nominations. On a roll call, Branch, Daniel, Heller, Shrem, Silacci, Wolfe and Stephen Shifrinson voted “yes.” Kathleen Amster voted “no.”

Following the election of the president, Branch nominated Heller to serve as vice president and there were no other nominations. On a roll call, Branch, Daniel, Silacci, Heller, Shifrinson, Shrem and Wolfe voted “yes.” Amster voted “no.”

Board member Vlad Goldfarb was not present.

In remarks following her election, Wolfe said, “Being a board member at times can be a thankless position. I wanted to take this time to thank every current and past board member for caring so much about the community, students and staff of Marlboro.

“It should be noted that board members are volunteers who put in countless hours in meetings and in their communities advocating for their schools. Being a school board member is a challenging and important role to help lead our schools as we prepare our children to lead successful lives.

“Board members represent their communities and face complex and demanding challenges, yet few people fully understand the scope and far reaching implications of their responsibilities. Board members truly make a difference every day. I am excited for this year and we are going to continue to do great things for Marlboro,” Wolfe said.