Cheers and Jeers


by Damian Holbrook

Jeers to Vanderpump Rules

for its chronic staff defection. From the Toms (Schwartz and Sandoval) to Ariana (pictured), Stassi and Katie, it seems like there’s nobody left working at SUR, the chic eatery owned by Lisa Vanderpump that the show is supposed to be about. But hey, at least Jax is still behind the bar making drinks and shady life choices.

Cheers to The Good Doctor

for the great Jasika Nicole. Shaun (Freddie Highmore, pictured, with Nicole) isn’t the only one falling for the delightful Fringe vet, who is finally getting some front-and-center attention as Carly, the pathologist who has possibly stolen his heart…and ours.

Cheers to The Outsider

for drawing us into a nightmare. Even without the supernatural angle, HBO’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name—about a small-town baseball coach (played by Jason Bateman) linked to a terrible crime—is a haunting reminder of the horrors humans are capable of.

Jeers to Super Early Super Bowl Ads.

Used to be that we’d have football’s big day to catch those pricey, star-studded commercials. Now that we can see Ellen talk to her Amazon Alexa and Rainn Wilson shill for pizza days before before kickoff, there’s a lot less fun to the big game.