Residents asked to be wary of solicitors in South River

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SOUTH RIVER – The South River Police Department has recently received increased reports of individuals going door to door soliciting for energy companies. The legitimacy of these companies is unverified and they may be potential scams, according to information provided by police.

Residents should be aware that, to date, only one individual from the following company has been issued a permit to solicit door to door in the Borough of South River: BH Energy. This does not constitute an endorsement of the company by the Borough of South River or the South River Police Department.

As a reminder, door to door soliciting in South River is prohibited without a valid permit issued by the borough. If an unauthorized solicitor comes to your residence, call police headquarters at 732-238-1000 immediately to report them. Take note of and be prepared to give physical and clothing descriptions to the dispatcher.

Individuals with a valid permit issued by the borough will contact police headquarters to advise us of the times and areas they will be canvassing in South River. They must also have the permit with them and show it to you upon request.

Religious groups, non-profit organizations and political organizations are exempt.