Governor addresses healthcare, NJTransit woes during town hall in North Brunswick


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NORTH BRUNSWICK – Gov. Phil Murphy visited North Brunswick to discuss the future of New Jersey and how his changes will be beneficial towards the state.

Murphy reiterated balance to hundreds of attendees throughout the town hall session held on Feb. 20 at Linwood Middle School.

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He stated that economic progress and social progress go hand-in-hand. 

Many claims were made regarding healthcare, transit, education and more. Murphy stated that the 80,000 children without healthcare will eventually be provided with it. Another claim was that by 2050, New Jersey will have 100% clean energy.

As for education, Murphy wants to make schooling accessible for students who would have never had a chance to go to school. He wants to make sure that more students are getting a college education through easily accessible community colleges.

Several citizens from around the state asked Murphy questions regarding the state and how certain issues will be handled.

North Brunswick resident Jane Miller asked on behalf of her daughter, who is a teacher, about the Chapter 78 health benefits reform law.

“We’ve supported that relief since the moment we heard about it,” Murphy said.

He said a lot of educators take home less money than 10 years ago. Plus, employees usually have to choose between lesser quality healthcare or paying more money.

He said his administration is establishing the Office of Healthcare Affordability and Transparency so that consumers know what they are paying for.

There were also complaints about NJ Transit and its inconsistency. Murphy responded by saying that on Feb. 19, there were 39 delays and one cancelation which gave NJ Transit 94.2% of on time arrivals, while their goal is 95%. Murphy seemed optimistic in the progression of NJ Transit.

Another topic that a citizen asked Murphy about was sexual harassment. Murphy said that not all harassment needs to be physical and that it only needs to happen once for there to be a case made of it.

In addition, Murphy wants to assure everyone that security will be better at non-public schools and places of worship.

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