Opinion: ‘Wake up to the truth’ that smoking kills; East Brunswick should ban vape shops, not limit locations

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Can’t our so-called government leaders get things straight?

How many people must die from smoking cigarettes or have died as proof smoking kills? Wake up to the truth.

So, how many young people, even those in middle school who sneak into the restrooms to vape, will or have died before you outlaw these killers?

Parents today do not pay attention to all dangers but our and your officials are supposed to uphold safe lives for children, too.

So, use your brains and tell them, “Stop more vaping shops. Limiting shops for new vape? Restrictions? No. Just no more shops.”

I have no smokers in my family, no young ones in public schools who are subject to some students who vape. A dear brother died of lung cancer. It was due to cigarettes. A horrible way to end a life, shrinking to near 60 pounds for a man who was once on his high school basketball team.

When the elected government officials are too weak to act on bad things, citizens must act.

Locating them on Edgeboro Road or Harts Lane area? Restricting areas? It’s a joke.

Older siblings are also to blame, who drive younger relatives to areas or are secretly buying the vaping items.

As a parent whose child was attending Hammarskjold school years ago, waiting to be picked up, I went into the office to see why a small vehicle was patrolling the entrances. I was shocked to learn it was there to check sixth graders who had been caught selling marijuana to other students.

I am too old and weak to organize a protest at the municipal building to this lack of action by the council. No more vape shops. I would if I could, but parents, get out there.

Rosalie Littlefield
East Brunswick


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