Monroe will seek public input during re-examination of municipal master plan


MONROE – The community will have an opportunity to have a voice in the future of the township through a public review of the municipal master plan.

Mayor Gerald W. Tamburro announced at the Planning Board meeting on Feb. 27 that the township will re-open the master plan this summer and will launch a full public engagement and community-wide program to gain feedback for future land use, transportation, open space and recreation plans.

The public outreach campaign will include community-wide surveys, public workshops, and other proven ways to solicit community input, according to a township release.

A two-part master plan was put together in 2003; the re-examination report of the master plan was adopted in 2009; the adoption of a two part master plan was put together in 2011 and subsequent amendments have been made to the master plan in 2013, 2014 and 2017.

“This is our time to explore ways to control development, invest in traffic improvements and gain momentum on our march toward 50 percent preserved open space in the township for our residents and our future,” Tamburro said.

The township will re-open and update the following elements of the master plan – municipal land use plan, transportation plan (road, sidewalk and transit improvements) and recreation and open space plan (acquisitions as well as new parks and recreation plans).

As a prelude to the re-opening of the master plan, the Planning Board, in the spring, will review the master plan reexamination report to highlight the current status of the township.

“This process will allow us to understand, amongst other items, the current state of our Supreme Court-ordered affordable housing requirements,” Tamburro said. “This court order makes up 96 percent of the future housing growth in our township over the next five or more years.”

Tamburro said the township’s goal is to identify, with the help of the public, ways in which they can improve the quality of life in Monroe.

“In this era when towns across New Jersey are forced to allow thousands of affordable housing and market-rate units to comply with state mandates for providing affordable housing, we must be strategic with our land use zoning,” he said. “And we must ensure that every resident possible is involved in helping to plan for our future.”

All relevant documents will be posted on the municipal website at for public review as the process moves forward.