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Artist creates drawings ‘in dialogue’ with musician friends

Haley Potter of Marlboro does not remember a time when she was not an artist.

“I never really had any question about doing anything else,” Potter, 24, said in an interview.

Potter is a live music artist, which means she sketches portraits of musicians while they are performing.

In 2017, Potter earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communications Design from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. After college, Potter said, she missed the participation of when she drew live models in one course.

Potter said she wanted to continue drawing live subjects.

“(Live music drawing) is something I picked up after graduation. A lot of my friends are in bands. When they had band practice I would just go to hang out … I started bringing my sketchbook and doodling my friends at practice. This evolved when I started bringing my sketchbook to shows,” Potter said.

While Potter cites musicians as her artistic influence, the young woman uses the tempo of a musician’s tune to determine the speed with which she creates a drawing.

“It is kind of like when a slow song is playing, you dance a little slower,” Potter said of her drawing technique. “If it is a fast song, you dance a little faster. If a fast song is playing with a heavy beat I will use heavier lines. If a more delicate song is playing I would want to use delicate lines,” she said.

Potter explained that some sketches are produced quickly to capture a particular moment.

“I have always been really quick,” she laughed. “You have to be quick because everything is just so in the moment. I’m trying to document a very specific moment. If I don’t work quickly I won’t be able to capture the right energy.”

While most of her live sketches are drawn in ink, Potter sometimes uploads a drawing to her computer and digitally applies color to certain components of a piece.

“Music has always been a huge part of my life,” Potter said. “I can’t play an instrument but to be able to create something in dialogue with (my friends) is the best thing I can do. (My art) is a love letter to music and my friends.”

The artist also draws comics, animation and illustrates posters for local events. To view her work, visit www.haleyspotter.com

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