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Colts Neck community takes great pride in comprehensive instructional programs

The Colts Neck community takes great pride in its commitment to providing a comprehensive instructional program for all students.

Our preschool through grade 8 curricula is broad and responsive to the range of talent that exists within the children of our district. It is clear by all available measures that the students of Colts Neck continue to demonstrate exceptional progress academically, artistically, socially and physically.

This high level of achievement is the result of ongoing efforts to offer a rigorous program designed to challenge and motivate students in all areas of development. Enrichment opportunities exist that provide exposure to higher level thinking and problem solving skills.

An abundance of programs are in place that are designed to instill within children the desire to become lifelong learners. Instructional practices that require active learning, mastery of essential skills, the application of knowledge to real-life problems and creative thinking can be observed in classrooms, each and every day of the school year. Excellence in drama, the fine and performing arts, and athletics are visible signs of the manner in which the district seeks to address the principles of multiple intelligence theory, personalized learning and student engagement.

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