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Monroe Township notified of second positive COVID-19 case

Photo: pixabay.com

MONROE Monroe Township was notified by the Middlesex County Department of Health of the second township resident testing positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The patient, in their forties, reportedly presented with symptoms and was seen at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick where a test was conducted, according to information provided by Monroe Township on March 17. The patient is under home quarantine. The resident is a family member of a Brookside Elementary School student, according to the statement.

At this time, the Middlesex County Health Department is the lead in the investigation of the case and is responsible for all notifications. Updates will be provided as they are available and allowed under federal and state privacy laws. Names, addresses and personal identifying information of patients cannot be released or shared with the community.

If the general public has questions regarding the coronavirus, call the New Jersey Department of Health Hotline at 800-222-1222.

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