Woodbridge has nine confirmed cases of COVID-19



WOODBRIDGE – The township has nine confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) – six are elderly residents from the same health care facility, one elderly couple who lived together, and a single male in his 30s, according to Woodbridge Mayor John E. McCormac.

No additional information has been provided.

Woodbridge Town Hall, the Public Works offices and the Health Department will all be closed to the public. The township previously announced the closing of municipal court, all libraries, all senior centers, the Barron Arts Center, the Cypress Recreation Center and Café, the Woodbridge Community Center and The Club at Woodbridge.

The Woodbridge Police Department and Emergency Services (fire and first aid) remain fully staffed and operational 24/7.

While municipal buildings are closed to the general public, municipal employees remain available to assist residents seeking to conduct essential township business. This can be accomplished by phone, through the mail or online.

Payments by check can be made in the dropbox outside of Town Hall.

Senior transportation remains operational, but only for medical appointments or food shopping, and only by appointment.

Garbage and recycling pickups remain on their normal schedule and the Public Works Convenience Center remains open. The Reuse Center and Can Cleaning has been suspended for the immediate future.

All township parks and playgrounds remain open – however, the public is asked to use common sense when using outdoor equipment.

Schools remain closed and township officials will continue to deep clean and sanitize all schools and municipal buildings.

For more information, visit www.twp.woodbridge.nj.us or call Town Hall at 732-634-4500.