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NAMI-NJ seeks candidates for Board of Trustees

Editor’s note: The phone number originally provided for NAMI is incorrect. Please call 732-940-0991 with any questions for the organization. Nerdy. Scrawny. Weak. Impulsive. Ugly. Dirty. Poor. Trashy. Crazy. AJ Mendez Brooks has had all these words shouted at her and even spray painted on her property. “I have been pushed into these hurtful

All candidates for the Board of Trustees of NAMI NJ (National Alliance on Mental Illness) must be members in good standing of an affiliate of NAMI NJ in the region in which they are candidates.
Criteria for good standing: 18 years or older; an up-to-date paid NAMI member; a thorough understanding and commitment to NAMI NJ’s mission; disclosure of potential or direct conflicts of interest; adherence to an individual affiliate’s code of conduct.
They must also:
  1. Have a strong commitment to improving the lives of persons with severe mental illness and their families.
  2. Attend all NAMI NJ Board Meetings and serve on at least one NAMI NJ Committee.
  3. Have organizational skills and work as a team member.
  4. Possess skills that will enable NAMI NJ to be effective organization.
  5. Have the ability to evaluate issues and make recommendations from a statewide perspective.
  6. Devote necessary time in helping NAMI NJ achieve its goals, including NAMI NJ fund raising activities.
  7. Pass a preliminary screening process by current Board of Trustees, that may include interviews and reference checks.
  8. Complete a Conflict of Interest form.

    The Trustee Nomination Form must be completed and signed by the person making the nomination. The Nominee Consent and Nominee Resume Forms must be completed and signed by the person being nominated.

    Nominations must be received at the NAMI NJ office by April 13. Applications can be mailed to the main office or emailed to board@naminj.org.

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