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Howell manager: Food pantry needs community’s help

HOWELL- Township Manager Brian Geoghegan said the Howell food pantry is in need of assistance from the community. He addressed the issue during the March 24 meeting of the Township Council.

“The food pantry’s supply is running very low, so if members of the public are able to donate anything, I would recommend they contact our senior center at 732-938-4500, ext. 2555, or the Office of Emergency Management at 732-938-4500, ext. 2506,” Geoghegan said.

He said the food pantry supports many senior citizens in Howell.

“The food pantry’s ability to give out more is dependent on what they can take in,” Geoghegan said.

Deputy Mayor Evelyn O’Donnell said she was hopeful that if the food pantry was well stocked, it could open two times each month.

Geoghegan said he made inquiries about the food pantry and learned the supply of food was low.

O’Donnell said she is hoping residents will see the urgency of the situation and come forward quickly to provide assistance.

Councilwoman Pamela Richmond mentioned that blood donations are lagging while the nation is in the throes of the coronavirus outbreak.

“Our blood banks are running fairly low, historically low from what I have been reading and understanding. We have a (blood donation center) on Route 9 in Howell, so if everybody can get the word out that it is important that we donate blood, they can really use that,” Richmond said.

Mayor Theresa Berger said residents should be aware of guidelines surrounding blood donations at this time.

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