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Will ‘Law & Order get a reboot?

Question: Has there ever been talk of bringing back the original Law & Order? It was always one of my favorites. —Terry

Matt Roush: There have been talks of reviving the series, as recently as five years ago, even with some original cast members returning in a limited-run format. But those talks went nowhere, and for now, it appears to be a non-starter. The reruns still draw us in, and Law & Order remains one of the most powerful and lucrative brands on TV. I know I’d like to see it again.

Question: What’s your take on Law & Order: SVU’s three-season renewal? Do you think the show’s going to use those episodes to do the same old, same old, or use it to start working towards some kind of conclusion? —Reed

Matt Roush: For the most part, I’d expect the next seasons of SVU will be business as usual. The formula has worked for this long, it’s not like Dick Wolf is looking to change it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more cast comings-and-goings, but otherwise SVU will be SVU, because that’s what fans seem to like. It’s also quite possible, though, that when this latest historic extension nears the end, that we’ll be hearing of possible exit strategies. Even Mariska Hargitay can’t do this gig forever. Or maybe she can. Time will tell.

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