Hopewell Township continues to modify township operations


Hopewell Township has released updated modifications to the township’s operations.

The new modifications were established after a re-assessment was conducted by township officials on March 26.

The modifications include specific guidelines for township code inspectors to continue their work inspecting construction projects. The temporarily modified guidelines would allow for the continuation of construction inspections and projects during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the township, the guidelines come from the state Department of Community Affairs, which issued a temporary rule relaxation of certain provisions to construction inspections on March 25.

“When we first had to change the way the township operated on March 16, we said it would be for about a 10-day period. We reached the date of March 26 and still had to tighten operations a bit,” Mayor Kristin McLaughlin said. “There was new guidance given by the state in regards to construction inspections.”

The update for the township reflected the state’s new guidance.

“The state I think is trying to figure how to keep some of projects moving forward if it can be done safely. They do not want inspectors going into homes with people in them so they do not spread the virus if they have it,” McLaughlin said. “They don’t have anyone inspect anything inside an occupied structure. We needed to reflect those types of guidelines for our own employees.”

Additional changes are that township committee meetings will be conducted via Zoom, a video conferencing platform; the senior center in Pennington is to remain closed and all senior programs are cancelled until April 12; and all recreational department activities and municipal fields will also remain closed until April 12, along with the township municipal building.

“As we continue to adjust to our ‘new normal’ which seems to be the phrase lately, I ask for the continued support of our community to help us provide quality services that are both safe for our residents, businesses and employees,” said Elaine Borges, business administrator.

According to Borges, the modifications will be reassessed on April 9.

“We are constantly assessing whether we are doing enough to protect employees and making sure the public has enough access to what they need. This is really a day-by-day situation,” McLaughlin said. “It does seem at that moment we are in a fairly decent groove in our township operations. People are able to get their jobs done from home on the days that they are not in the office.”

For more information about township operations, visit www.hopewelltwp.org.